4 Plate Shaker-Thermostat

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Temperature setting range +25°C … +60°C
Temperature control range 5°C above ambient … +60°C
Setting resolution 0.1°C
Stability ±0.1°C
Uniformity at +37°C ±0.2°C
Orbit diameter 2 mm
Speed regulation range 250–1200 rpm (increment 10 rpm)
Independent timer with sound alarm 1 min–96 hrs (increment 1 min)
Display LCD, 16 x 2 signs
Max. height of microtest plate 18 mm*
Number of microtest plates 4
Weight, not more 9 kg
Platform dimensions (w x d) 290 x 210 mm
Overall dimensions 390 x 390 x 140 mm
Heating power 50 W